Tawafuq Consultancy provides a complete range of services under one roof through its Islamic Banking & Finance specialists who are handpicked to provide the most extensive and effective services to the clients

Shariah Advisory & Consultancy

Consultation, advisory and services in relation to the banking, capital market, wealth management and takaful (and re-takaful) operation, products, processes, Standard Operating Procedures, Shariah governance and regulatory framework, conversion to Shariah compliant instrument, etc covering retail & business banking, investment banking and takaful sector.

Legal Advisory, Consultancy & Translation Services

Consultation, advisory and services for legal documentation for Islamic financial transactions covering consumer banking, commercial banking and wholesale banking such as Sukuk, Funds & Syndications, etc.

Islamic Finance Awareness, Training & DevelopmentĀ 

In-house, customize and public awareness, training and talks on Shariah compliant banking, investment, wealth management and takaful products, issues, and

Shariah External Support Service

We provide services for external Shariah Advisory Board/Committee and Shariah Secretariat services for financial institutions, corporation and enterprises. Other Shariah functions services are Shariah Compliance & Review, Shariah Audit and Shariah Risk Management.

Islamic Finance Research & Product Development

In-depth research and product development for Islamic financial institution, corporations incorporating.

Shariah Compliance Supervisory & Monitoring ServicesĀ 

Investment Screening & Review, Purification of profits and capital according to the Shariah standards.